Cuenca y fotos…

well the computer is displaing the photos in a funny text way to me, so i can´t explain what each of them is in the proper order, but here´s an overview of what you´ve got:

there is one of chris and i are the national park right near cuenca called las cajas. we went there for a nice little hike yesterday. the trail wasn’t marked well, but the scenery was beautiful and we managed to not get lost (staying within sight of the road above us didn’t hurt).

there’s another of chris at a hot dog cart. he hasn’t lost his taste for such american treats despite our travels. funny.

there’s one of me sitting in a cave at las cajas. i could have sworn something big and furry was going to crawl out of a hole and attack me. eek.

OH, there’s one of us in Zaruma (before Cuenca) in a cave pushing a cart full of gold. we still aren’t quite sure how we’re going to declare our riches.

there’s another one of the happy travelers on our hike in the park.

the final picture is of chris pointing at our house. it’s tiny and far away, but he’s pointing at it nonetheless. we’re at pumapungo, some inca ruins right near our house in cuenca. sweet.

that’s probably our of order, but you all can figure out which caption goes with which picture i imagine.

anyways, it’s a dry weekend in cuenca due to the elections (i’m not talking about the weather), so we have had a nice, relaxing time of wandering around, reading, and relaxing. not too bad. yesterday was our hike in the national park, then this morning we headed to a town called gualaceo to visit the sunday market there. they had two…one was fruits and veggies, the other live animals. the animal one was kind of cool. cooler still was watching the people load their new purchases into the back of their trucks to cart them home. you should have heard the pigs squeal. ha.

other than that, we just finished a big old lunch for our host dad’s birthday and we’re expected home shortly for ice cream and cake. yum. tomorrow morning marks the beginning of our volunteer work, so hopefully we’ll come up with some good stories from our ecological travels around cuenca.

hope all is well at home, it’s time for cake in ecuador!

3 thoughts on “Cuenca y fotos…

  1. Elizabeth

    Love it! Thanks for the pics.

    By the way, guess this answers our question of the statistical probability of McCain dying in office.

    “…the actuarial risk, based on mortality tables, of Palin becoming president if the Republican ticket wins the election is about 1 in 6 or 7.

    That’s the same odds as your birthday falling on a Wednesday, or being delayed on two consecutive flights into Newark airport.” (Roger Cohen, NY Times)


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