estamos en ecuador y tenemos fotos!

back again… we made it all the way to ecuador yesterday which didn´t seem like a big feat when we began our journey, but as the hours rolled past we had our doubts. first things first though, we have some pictures to share from the past few days…

this first one is of us sporting our new alpaca hats while enjoying a bottle of wine in lima. the house red wine was only 8 bucks and we swear it didn´t taste like vinegar.

this next one is at a park in lima looking out over the pacific. it´s called el parque del amor. though we found it quite nice and peaceful during the day, a walk past the park at sunshine is sure to be greeted by lots of maker-outers. it´s not the called the parque del amor for nothing, i suppose. either way, it´s pretty nonetheless…

the next one is in huanchaco, on the roof of our hotel where we enjoyed a sunset beer. it´s the roof that you all were invited to meet us at but neglected to do so…

Next up is our dumpy hotel room in Mancora, the sweet little beach town. that´s the room we left in favor of a nicer one across the way. from the looks of things, you might understand.

And the final one is the entire coconut we ate. again, YUM.

Anyways, as for the present, were in Machala, Ecuador for the morning. Were headed out of town shortly to work our way west into the hills to a town called Zaruma. We should be there for tonight and perhaps tomorrow night as well, then its time to head up to Cuenca.

As for our adventures in the past couple days, the biggest bit was that the trip yesterday from Mancora to Machala encountered some funniness on the Ecuadorian side of the border when we arrived at immigration. it seems that the electric company had decided to replace a pole and all the wiring in the middle of the day, so we stood there watching for a long time, hoping that the old pole would not crush the meat on a stick/coca cola vendor working beneath as it swayed precariously on its rope. even the peruvians in line behind us found the way they were working to be questionable, so i suppose it wasn´t just our anal american ways at work. regardless, they accomplished everything after a while and we made our way into ecuador. once in ecuador, the bus guy asked for our tickets, and when we showed them to him gave us a perplexed “Machala!” (there´s supposed to be a question mark there too but the key wont work on my keyboard). We were like, yeah, machala, does this bus not go to machala (again, question mark). he responded with a “yes, this bus goes to machala…” and we were off.

anyways, were being booted from our computers, so its time to go.

again, we hope all is well at home, and enjoy the little comments that come our way from time to time.

bye for now!

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