still working on our tans…

hello again and greetings from the lovely little beach town of mancora. we arrived here yesterday after a night in piura followed by six hours on a bus. not bad.

piura turned out to be a decent sized city – bigger than we expected. we stumbled upon a great place to stay after wandering around for a while, so that was a definite bonus, as was the chinese food the hotel guy told us about. oh and for about 13 bucks, we got a room with our own bathroom, cable tv and internet.

mancora has been a treat for sure. its a very laid back, very surfy, very beachy little town. aside from the panamericana, all the other roads weve come upon are sand. after arriving yesterday, we checked into a dump of a place and headed out for some lunch. lunch meant a restaurant on the beach with tables in the sand and big cheap beers. not a bad way to start a beach getaway, thats for sure. following lunch and a walk around town, we secured a less dumpy room for the following night. the convenient thing was that it was right across the street from the old place and right on the beach. the inconvenient thing was the woman at hostal number 1 watched us this morning as we made our way to hostal number 2. so it goes. the funny part about the whole thing is that a group of german backpackers who we shared buses with from trujillo to piura, then piura to mancora, stayed at the same dump the first night and appeared this afternoon seeking a room (refuge?) at our new hostal. poor suckers went back to dumpy hostal number 1 in an effort to retrieve the money they already paid for night number 2. we havent seen them since. ha.

anyways, were heading out of mancora tomorrow and should make our grand entrance into ecuador before the day is done. in terms of travel, weve got a little bus to tumbes, a peruvian border town, followed by an ecuadorian bus that will carry us over the border and ultimately into manchala, ecuador, before the day is done. language school starts in cuenca on monday, so we have a few days yet before we need to settle ourselves in for some good old educacion.

in the meantime, were headed back out to the beach for a beer and a sunset. spending days on the pacific coast does wonders for one’s sunset viewing, thats for sure!

take care for now; hopefully well be able to share some more photos soon!

p.s. we just ate an entire coconut. yum.

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