back to peru…

hi all,

we made it safe and sound back to peru yesterday morning after a 24 hour bus voyage that carried us from cuenca to machala (both in ecuador still), machala to tumbes (now in peru), and finally tumbes to trujillo (overnight). needless to say, by the time we arrived in huanchaco (a beach town nearby to trujillo), we were sweaty, stinky and in need of a good shower. it was worth it though because our one full day of buses gave us two full days in a nice little beach town, so we’re quite pleased with the choice. some of you might remember huanchaco from earlier in our trip; we were here for a few nights on our way north up the coast right after we left lima. we’re staying at the same hostel even because it has a tv in the room equipped with espn deportes, so i got to watch the red sox last night (at this point i could have done without), and we both get to watch monday night football tonight. suffice to say we already have a bet riding on the winner. go patriots.

anyways, our last bit in ecuador was great. we took the train from riobamba down la nariz del diablo. the train wound its way through the ecuadorian country side for a few hours before we collected a whole bunch more tourists in alausi and headed down la nariz del diablo. while the ride was beautiful (we sat on the roof), by the time we made it to la nariz we were swimming in a sea of tourists and cameras and both feeling a bit claustrophobic. here’s a few photos…one is chris looking thrilled to be on the train, another is the sea of gringos, and another is the view from the train (that was the best part…it was just beautiful).

following riobamba, we began our voyage south. we hopped a bus to cuenca on friday night, ate a delicious dinner of indian food, slept for a bit, and woke up early to begin the next day’s bus journey. one long day and three buses later, we were greeted by a day of sunshine in huanchaco. yesterday was spent relaxing on the sand, and today will more than likely include much of the same. tomorrow morning we’re up and out early once again in order to catch our bus to Lima. wednesday morning we have an early flight to cusco, and machu picchu begins on friday. that marks just about the halfway point in our trip. i keep telling chris it’s crazy how fast it’s going, and he keeps telling me we still have another 7 weeks left. i hope he’s not getting antsy. ha.

anyways, off we go for now. hope all is well at home!

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