off we go again…

well we leave tomorrow morning for our machu picchu trek, so this is the last you´ll hear of us until at least the middle of next week. we spent all day on tuesday on a bus to lima where we arrived, ate, slept, and boarded our plane to cusco. we got into cusco bright and early on wednesday morning and were into our hostel by 8am, so that was nice. after a breakfast overlooking the plaza de armas, we spent the rest of our day wandering around this quaint little city. nothing too exciting to report, although we have enjoyed a couple nice quiet days of reading, wandering, relaxing, and enjoying. it´s a hard life we lead.

tomorrow morning is certain to bring us some days of excitement as we make our way to machu picchu. our group includes 2 guides, 16 gringos, and 22 porters. evidently gringos necessitate a lot of stuff. the good news for us is that we only carry our sleeping bags, a change of clothes, a book and a camera (and – shhh – maybe a beer or two for the first night)…they handle the rest. not bad for us, not good for them. so it goes.

anyways, off we go on our next adventure. we´ll be back in touch next week, but in the meantime hope all is well at home. bye for now!

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  1. KathLikesToLaugh

    soo as i sit here superbored at work i decided to check my ancient yahoo acct and i find this! you are traveling about living my dream in south america! i am so jealous! except that i am going to hungary in 2 weeks which is also exciting. i too have a blogspot blog. i suggest you take a gander. your blog is hilarious! love you miss you!


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