our final Cuenca weekend…

well, we´re back after one last weekend in cuenca. we have four more days of volunteering and schooling, then we´re off once again. the plan as of now is to take a night bus to Quito on thursday, so we´ll arrive bright and early Friday morning. Cuenca has been great for sure, but we´re both looking forward to being back in the world of doing what we please when we please. i also have to admit that i´m looking forward to eating what we please when we please (i had a dream about a salad last night – i swear).

anyways, this weekend was a fun one. friday afternoon we went to a local hat museum for class – it´s pretty interesting and amazing how they weave the hats by hand. the other highlight of the afternoon was the fact that they served real coffee (not nescafe instant coffee) in the coffee shop at the museum. i was a happy person that day. after a quick dinner at home, we hit the road and headed back into town to grab a few beers. we happened to stumble upon the red sox game, so needless to say i insisted we hung around that bar for most of the night. saturday morning we slept in, then headed off to a nearby suburb of cuenca called baños (it´s a town full of hot springs and thermal pools). we found a nice quiet place where we had the pool to ourselves all afternoon. it made for a wonderfully relaxing day. saturday night proved to be our big night out…after dinner we stopped by our favorite little place near the casa for a 70 cent beer (BIG beer – 700 ml), then made our way to calle larga, the street with most of the bars. we had ourselves a good little night, and i insisted upon eating bacon flavored potato chips at the end of it. that ought to give you a decent hint as to how the evening played out. i would have sworn then that they were delicious. ha ha.

anyways, yesterday we got up late, had some breakfast and headed to the park for a bit. chris bought a green (SOUR!) mango that turned out to be delicious when eaten with salt. i´m telling you, the fruits they have here are wonderful. yum. for lunch we piled in the car and headed to jaime´s (the dad) cousin´s house. big lunch followed by lots of card playing. in the end, chris won the pot (a whopping total of $1.80). go gringos, go. he he. following the cards, we piled back into the car to visit a cousin with a broken foot who lived nearby. we hung out there for some family videos and coffee, then piled back in the car to drive up to a lookout point. it was really pretty, and overall the day was great, but we were both quite happy to return home at the end of it all and climb into bed with our books.

now it´s monday and we´re working on our translation this morning. we don´t have much big planned before we leave, but there is the one missing piece of the puzzle left to be completed: the cuy dinner (review: guinea pig). mmm….

back to translating we go for now. hope everyone is well!

p.s. as of tuesday we will have been on the road for one month exactly

One thought on “our final Cuenca weekend…

  1. Scott

    “Cuenca has been great for sure, but we´re both looking forward to being back in the world of doing what we please when we please.”

    Whoa, two weeks of structure must have been KILLING you! And bacon flavored potato chips ARE delicious.


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