our new friends…

this week has been a full one of working in the mornings and classes in the afternoons. our original volunteer project has changed because when we went to work on monday, our work had left without us. so it goes. we talked to the folks at school and they found us a new home for the mornings, so now we are working at zoologico Amaru, a small (read: tiny) zoo in Cuenca. it´s pretty good though; we spend our mornings watching the animals being fed and translating the website into english. good practice for a couple of gringos.

oh, i´ve included some photos, but again i´m having the same trouble with not being able to see them. there are a few of our new friends from the zoo (the crocodile is named frances and tomorrow we get to watch him eat live chickens – gulp). there´s one of us in our sweet uniforms. the flash does wonders to the reflective tape on them. ha. there´s another one of Chris from last night. we went to a bar for some wine after class and when we left, stumbled upon some fireworks/music display for the miss cuenca pageant. it was weird and only got weirded when the fireworks they were using started going off into the crowd as opposed to into the sky. the band never stopped playing (despite the fact that they were being showered by flames). odd for sure.

this morning we went to the university to chat with a class (one of the teachers from our school invited us to speak to them). their first question: what do you think about cuenca? their second question: are you married? HA. they´re puzzled by the notion of two unmarried people traveling together it seems.

anyways, classes are going well. we´ve made it through three weeks of travel (as of tuesday) and still enjoy one another´s company, so things are going well. right now we´re working on plans for the weekend…i think they might entail a couple of day trips from cuenca – nothing big. we´re out of here next friday…time has certainly flown.

OH, yesterday at lunch chris ate chicken hearts, liver and kidneys. i couldn´t manage to choke it down, so the family suggested he eat mine as well (sucker). it was gross.

speaking of, we´re still looking to try the local specialty – cuy (pronounced koo-ey) – before we go. for those of you unfamiliar with cuy, it´s guinea pig and apparently it´s delicious. we´ll let you know and we´ll share photos.

in the meantime, off we go for now. hope all is well at home (all must be well given that the sox are up 1-0). take care and thanks to everyone for their comments!

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  1. Husky Bob

    Hi Christopher and Kara,
    Thanks for the great travelogue of your adventures. We are thinking of you in your travels. There is never a dull moment with you two in your travels. Keep the pictures and experiences coming. Have fun and be safe. Love, Uncle Bob & Aunt Sharon


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