Acapulco, friends and Thanksgiving…

it has been a while since our last update, but worry not things have been as enjoyable this week as ever. Hannah and Andy arrived last Saturday night to join us for a week by the beach. We hung out in Acapulco Sunday for the day…plenty of time by the beach, some tacos, and a bit of Sunday football for Chris and Andy. not bad. OH, before i forget, Chris and I went to bingo at the casino by our hotel last Saturday night. it was incredibly fast, there were no letters involved (all numbers), and i incorrectly called out bingo. ha! the place was packed and it was quite funny. we never knew bingo could be exhausting, but it was. anyways, the beach days that followed quickly made up for our bingo overload. it continues to be a rough life we lead.

monday morning we headed to puerto marques where the timeshare is. chris´s mom kindly offered us a week to enjoy, and enjoy we have. i have been happy as can be to have a kitchen to use…we´ve cooked every night and managed to make ourselves a thanksgiving dinner as well. the bay sits right outside our window, and on more than one ocassion we have caught fireworks going on in the town below. there´s a glorious pool, a couple hot tubs, and a beach nearby. needless to say, we have enjoyed a week in the lap of luxury after spending so much time with our bags on our backs.

as for thanksgiving, we did a good job. breakfast began with rice, beans, eggs and plantains. follow that with some time by the beach, some football on tv for the boys, and some time in the hot tub for me. for dinner we made tequila lime chicken, some potatoes and veggies, and some fresh black tuna we bought from a fisherman that morning. we spent less than five US dollars on over two pounds of fish…perfect! following dinner, chris whipped up some fresh margaritas which we complimented with homemade churros…yum! next up was a visit to town to join in the festivities taking place there that night. there was a huge town party for what they called the presentation of the child. we´re not sure what exactly it entailed, but the guy from the beer shop had invited us to join, so join we did. we had ourselves a true mexican fiesta for thanksgiving complete with dancing with the locals. it made for a fun night, that´s for sure.

anyways, today is our last day at the timeshare. tomorrow we leave to head north to Zihuatanejo, a beach town that many people know of as the town the guys meet up in at the end of the Shawshank Redemption. it´s supposed to be just beautiful. we´ll be there for at least one night, then we head inland again to meet up with Annie in San Miguel de Allende. we´ll spend our last bit of time there before we head home in a little over a week.

hope all is well at home…sorry about the lack of photos again

One thought on “Acapulco, friends and Thanksgiving…

  1. Husky Bob

    Hi You Guys,

    What a life of leisure you have. Thanks for all your efforts to share your travels with words and pictures. We have enjoyed reading and looking at the great pictures. Have fun and travel safe.

    Love, Uncle Bob and Aunt Sharon


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