Is there lobster in Mongolia?

Greetings from your favorite traveling idiots…we’re back!

Welcome to our next adventure, bigger and better (really?) than the last. We’re hunkered down in Massachusetts for the moment, pleasantly enjoying our last days of gluttony in the States. Our final days here have involved lots of lobster consumption…and Captain Dusty’s…and everything else that is not tied down. And now…we’re off. In less than two days we climb onto a plane in the very wee hours of the morning (thanks mom and dad), and off we go to Mongolia…via Phoenix, Vancouver, and Beijing. We arrive to our new home Friday morning.

We’re excited, nervous and overwhelmed, but more than anything we’re just looking forward to the adventure. We hope that you all enjoy our tales of wonder and woe; we look forward to sharing them with you and welcome all of your thoughts, questions and comments.

Until the journey begins…bye for now!

3 thoughts on “Is there lobster in Mongolia?

  1. Blanka

    OMG! Que pronto llego el dia para su nueva aventura! tengo la seguridad que esta experiencia sera muy especial en sus vidas. A echarle ganas en ayudar a esa comunidad para que logre alcanzar un verdadero desarrollo sustentable. Dios bendiga su trabajo! Un abrazo bien apretadito, Blanca Trejo


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