Mongolian Roulette

So last night we decided to break away from the group and try our luck at eating some Mongolian food. It has such a bad reputation that although we have been here for almost a week we have shied away from it. We have however, enjoyed feasts at Thai restaurants, pizza joints and Indian/Mexican food restaurant (don’t worry Forrest we didn’t get sick). The food has been delicious, but not authentic. At any rate, Kara allows me to select our destination and I choose Full Pub, a darker and shadier looking establishment than we are used to, but right on the main drag. As we are shown to our seats I excuse myself and go to use the restroom, where I walk in on some women. Oops. I wait til she’s done and go in and think to my self foolish women there is a lock right here. So I lock it. I go about my business, wash my hands and try to unlock the door, but it appears to be jammed. After several minutes of fighting with the lock, I was able to pick it free with a pen. I open the door and the wait staff was gathered and entire restaurant (about 5 people) was watching and laughing. Glad I could entertain.

So I sit down, we order beers- no problem, we’ve had that down since the first day. Kara and I pour over the menu all in Mongolian. Not being able to tell what anything is we decide that the best approach is to close our eyes and point when the waitress comes. Kara was not as satisfied with our selection as I, so I tell her she has to at least try several bites, unless it is something terrible like tongue, liver, brains or something like that. She agrees. The waitress brings us a plate of what appears to be thinly sliced pieces of meat(we think its mutton), thicker chunks of fat and sauteed onions. It doesn’t look half bad, so I shovel my first bite in to my mouth… and it is terrible! It was quite possible the worst meal I have ever had. Kara had her one bite and moved on to the side dish of white rice and pickled cabbage. I being stubborn continued to choke down as much as possible, why I ‘m not sure. We thought we were in for a long two years if mutton tasted this bad and that is all that Mongolians eat. However, after further research and discussion we were able to conclude that it was in fact liver. That is the story of how we lost our first game of Mongolian Roulette.

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