Happy New Year, get us out of here!

Well, Happy 2011 to you all. Technically, Chris and I can now say that we come home next year, as we do…just not until the end of next year. It’s all semantics.

We celebrated New Years in style with a bunch of ex-pats. There was beer and wine, vodka and horrific Mongolian champagne. There were also fireworks throughout the city…kind of the world’s best Do-It-Yourself fireworks show you could imagine. Think the big fireworks at home…like the BIG ones?…well, it was people sticking their arms out the windows/off the balconies of their apartments and shooting off those BIG fireworks. As an aside I wondered how many of them were shooting off their arm as well, but so it goes. Why ruin a good fireworks display? But yeah, it was pretty neat. We were at a friend’s apartment that was fairly high up, so we could see all around and watch the pretty show. It was neat, and a fun way to ring in 2011.

Since then Chris and I have been absolutely chomping at the bit to get out of here. All of a sudden, Thailand became the next thing on our “what to look forward to” list, and it couldn’t come soon enough. In fact, we now leave in two days for two marvelous weeks of warm weather, delicious food, and beaches. We also have 6 days booked on a boat owned (and built?) by a German man. It looks pretty cool…there will be the German, another crew, Chris and me, and two other couples. Hopefully they are cool, but if they’re not, who cares we’re on a boat in Thailand.

So yeah, off we go for our first big getaway since we arrived in Mongolia, and we are beyond ready. We’ll be back in touch maybe at some point while we’re gone, but if not we’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

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