Looking back: One year in the land of Chinggis

Well, we did it…we made it through a year in Mongolia! Our clothes are a little rattier, my hair is a lot longer, and we’ve both faced our share of challenges in the past year, but for the most part we have come through unscathed…I think? Here’s a look at a few highlights (it’s amazing looking back on it and realizing just how much we have done in a year’s time):

August 11, 2010, we left the womb in Manchester, MA, bright and early.

Only to be swallow by Beijing for 30 hours, then ultimately released. August 14, 2010, to Mongolia we went:

We ate our first meal at our new home, still blind to just how deeply we would grow to love the orange couch:

And won our first pub quiz:

And took our first ger face photos!

We saw our first snow in September…

and learned the wonders of karaoke in Mongolia:

Chris played basketball…

and we enjoyed a delicious Indian food dinner for our Thanksgiving away from home:

That was followed by a beautiful Christmas shared with friends bonding together to create a wonderful meal and a magical day:

We participated in the Mongolian Ryder Cup of Curling 2010 (the Americans took the Cup!):

and went to Thailand!

Only to come back for our first Tsagaan Tsar:

We turned 30!

And froze our butts off at the ice festival:

I went home to meet my beautiful niece and see my wonderful family:

Chris went home for June, and I attended my first VSO Summer Conference in this beautiful place:

And then Chris came back and we went to the Gobi…

And on our first kayaking adventure…

And saw our first Naadam…

And we got engaged!

And trapped on an island, where we re-inflated the boat to bring us to the mainland where we walked down train tracks to get to a train station that we mistook to not be a train station so we kept walking to another town only to walk back to the previous town, but who cares we were happy:

And then we went to a Mongolian Death Metal Festival which was, in a word, weird:

Jack arrived; we went kayaking again:

The boys set off on their trip:

They returned from said trip – a blog is in the works!

And now here we are, one year complete in this crazy, crazy place. Whew!

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