A much delayed update

Written October 5, 2012

We’ve had a whirlwind of a couple of months for ourselves, and suffice to say time has flown.  Two trips to Colorado, weekends away in Manchester, all of it adds up to weeks ticking by and pants getting tighter.  It’s true.  It’s happening!

As of last Sunday, we’re 14 weeks and the proud parents to Lemon Fist Aardal (the websites we read disagreed as to how big the baby is, so we went with both size estimates).  At 13 weeks we fell in love with Peach Aardal.  What awaits us at 15 weeks we are uncertain, but we’re having fun giving a name to the little tiny being we know so little yet so much about.

So yeah…trimester 2.  Already.  It’s insane!  All of the key players have been informed: my parents/family over Labor Day weekend, Chris’s family during our first trip to Colorado, and both of our jobs this week.  This is where it gets fun!  The novelty of our big secret had definitely worn off – secrets are hard when they’re never ending – and now that we’re out in the open, it feels…exciting.  Really exciting.  Now it’s not just us waiting for the little Lemon Fist; it’s our families, our friends, our coworkers.  It turns out babies really do make people happy, even if it’s a baby that’s still on the inside.

Some details:

I’m feeling much better than I was for a while.  Back to my almost normal self it seems?  Much more energy than I had for a while and – thank god – the perpetual nausea has also taken a rest.  I can see my little belly growing, and I can feel my pants getting snugger by the day, but from the outside I still look pretty much…like me.  Soon enough I’m sure that will all change!

We have another doctor’s appointment in two weeks where we’ll hear the heartbeat again, and then two weeks following that is the highly anticipated ultrasound.  It’s weird enough to peer inside of one’s self, but I have a feeling it’s going to be even weirder to peer inside myself and see a wee little person.  This whole experience is surreal.

What else?  Some photos because everyone loves photos:

A wee little belly!

And a slightly less wee little belly…

And other than that, not a whole lot.  A long weekend awaits – we’re going to the Topsfield Fair with the familia.  It should be fun, though I do wish we could BUY chickens instead of just looking at them.  I want a chicken coop!  First we need a house…but then…chickens!  And a baby.  Perhaps in that exact order?  We’ll see.

Speaking of houses, we put an offer in on a house last night.  Is it our house?  That remains to be seen, but it could be pretty great in all of its character-filled quirkiness.  Fingers are crossed!

For now, off I go, back to growing a person.  xoxo.

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