So we begin…

Written July 31, 2012

How I’m looking at somewhere between four and five weeks:

How WE’RE looking at somewhere between four and five weeks (note that Chris is most definitely pushing out a full, post-dinner belly – that said, we’re hoping to shift roles in the coming months):

How I’m feeling:

Well…overwhelmed…nervous…anxious…SCARED…EXCITED…but mostly overwhelmed in a more often than not really, REALLY positive way.  I can’t help but feel like this is our life shifting right before our eyes.  Already it feels like our decisions are not our own anymore…there’s something greater at play.  I’m really excited at the thought of telling everyone we know and love, though we don’t know just when that will be.  Even so…it’s exciting.  I look forward to the happy tears, whenever it is we share them.

Physically, I feel kind of ehh.  Not terrible, but not great.  I’m highly aware that I do not feel my usual self, but that said I still feel pretty great.  I’m looking forward to my first post-we-found-out jog…a light, easy few miles just to keep the wheels turning.  I’m hoping to maintain that for as long as I can, but I’m also realistic that if my body says no, that means no.  It’s a good thing I love long walks.

So yeah…I’m doing pretty okay.  Physically, a bit ehh; emotionally, steady but overwhelmed, excited and joyful.

How WE’RE feeling:

Like we just got hit by a truck.  A really pretty, happy, smiling truck, but a truck nonetheless.  It’s hard to wrap our heads around.  Christopher is excited.  SO excited.  I’m more nervous.  Combined, we make a pretty even-keeled ship.  We are well aware that we have a lot to do in the coming months…find a home, maybe a car, definitely a job for Chris.  We’re doing our best to remain relaxed and to not rush things…it tends to be our general operating method.  One thing at a time, and we’ll get there.

Some days I believe that, others I feel incredibly crazed about it all.  That’s where Chris is my balance…and for that I am ever so grateful.

I think all said, we both feel truly, TRULY blessed that we are entering this new adventure.  It’s something we’ve talked about many times and hoped for the future…and now the future is upon us, and it promises to be the grandest adventure of all.

Away we go, off to take over the world – a whole new world – once again.

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