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19 weeks: Meet Mango

To say it has been a while is an understatement, but we’ve had a lot on our plate in the past few weeks.  I’m writing now at close to week 23, but we’re playing catch-up for now…

At the end of week 18, we had our first ultrasound.  We had been looking forward to it ever since we heard the first heartbeat, so we were excited, and the day didn’t disappoint.

Wee little Mango was cooperative as could be and graced us with all sorts of twists, turns, and even a smile.  We’re holding out until our first in-person meeting to know if the baby is a boy or a girl, but we still loved our first glimpses of the tiny little being growing inside.

Here you are…Mango!

A headstand…

And our very first smile.  My heart melted.

Despite the fact that I know this is just the beginning of these overwhelmingly intense emotions, it really is incredible.  The amount of love I feel in looking at that tiny little image of an unintentionally smiling baby…just incredible.
And it’s only the beginning.

18 weeks: sputtering forward

So this week’s adventure was less in thanks to Yam (s/he’s the size of a yam and we ate yams for dinner in his/her honor this week – is that weird?), and more in thanks to Christopher’s beloved vehicle.  I’m getting ahead of myself though, so let us rewind…

The background story is that my energy levels have returned to what at times feels like normal, and then I head off in a flurry of activity, only to leave myself curled up in the recliner, thoroughly exhausted due to my energy spurt.  I’m working on finding the balance, but the tricky thing is that when I am feeling energetic, it is really hard to not endulge myself in all sorts of activities.  This week included a short jog (though it was my longest in months, clocking in at 3.25 miles – the pride was palpable), my first prenatal yoga class, and a number of long afternoon walks.  Packing of our darling dump of an apartment has begun, so add a hefty dose of puttering about the apartment to that mix.  Suffice to say I had many 9 o’clock bedtimes this week…if I made it that far.  Work has been a whirlwind too on account of attempting to fit pretty much all of November’s workload into two weeks before we go to Hawaii (in ONE WEEK).  We’ve been busy and time flies by right now, but we’re busy with smiles on our faces, and that is all we require of this silly little ride we call life.

So about prenatal yoga.  I’ve wanted to go for a long time, but there are these weird feelings of inadequacy (or something of that sort) grounded in the fact that I want to go to a pregnant lady yoga class, but I don’t really look pregnant, and at times don’t even feel pregnant.  I finally got over my own silliness though and decided that yoga would be the best thing not only for me in these crazy weeks, but also for my aching back (due to sleeping on my side, not to a giant belly – yet).  Christopher sealed my fate when he told me he would not only pick me up after class (it goes until 7:15 in the evening), but he would also pick up pizza for dinner: a double whammy.  So to yoga I went, and I enjoyed a glorious hour and fifteen minutes of releasing tension, stretching muscles, and hanging out with pregnant ladies (I was not the “youngest” there – but I was close!).

Anyways, out of class, no Chris in sight.  I call him, and instantly I know something is not right.  He’s grumpy as he declares his car won’t start.  Thankfully he’s in front of the pizza place, not still in Rhode Island, but still…we have one car, and it won’t start, and he relies on the car to get himself to work everyday.  So yeah…I meet him by the car (just down the road from yoga), and we brainstorm.

Step 1: Call AAA, and order a tow truck.

Step 2: Eat pizza in the Protege.  mmm.

Step 3: Watch as the wheels in Chris’s mind turn.

Step 4: Snicker as I am instructed to steer while he pushes us into the Town Hall driveway (it’s on a hill)

Step 5: Watch as Chris and the Protege roll down the hill, he pops the clutch, and the Protege comes alive (with the hearty squealing of some sort of unhappy belt just to let us know nothing much changed even if the car no longer starts on its own accord).

Step 6: Cancel the tow truck.

Step 7: Drive home (don’t stall!), and find the closest thing to a hill we can.

Step 8: Park the car.

Step 9: Snicker as Christopher proceeds to push start his car for the remainder of the week before we can have it fixed on Saturday.  Let us not forget where he works.  Push starting cars is not common there, but thankfully they do have a parking garage (parking garages, by nature, have hills).

So yeah.  We sputtered along this week, and I, once again, was reminded of why I love this man, and why he truly makes me believe that nothing is worth getting too worked up over, no problem goes without a solution, and sometimes that solution is really (REALLY) funny to watch.

On that note, some photos.  I’m getting there, slowly but surely.  I feel really great right now which is wonderful considering we have a magnificent vacation coming our way at the end of this week.  Before we leave we have our very first ultrasound, and we’re both looking forward to seeing what Yam is doing in there (speaking of which, I can feel Yam is doing – that started at 17 weeks – but s/he has yet to communicate what exactly s/he keeps herself busy with all day, so we’ll be happy to sneak a peek).  Anyways, the photos, and more to come, we promise!