We’ll take flack for this your entire life

Well, we did it.  We created our very first “Oh, you were there when you were in Mom’s belly” moment, and we did it in style in Hawaii.  Sorry kid, you win some, you lose some.  We most certainly won some in this situation, as we spent weeks 20 and 21 in Hawaii with Chris’s family: a week on the Big Island, and a week in Kauai.

We snorkeled, built sand castles, saw lava (real lava!), hiked to waterfalls, played in waves, swam in tide pools, ate fish, drank mango smoothies, relaxed, and enjoyed.  All in all, it was two glorious weeks of sun and warmth, exactly what we had hoped it would be.

Mango’s (I’m stuck on Mango indefinitely) photo shoots got a little more interesting as well, as we found black sand beaches and canyons makes for much prettier backdrops than drab plaster walls.  Oh, and we hiked to a GREEN sand beach!  It was absolutely beautiful, one of the highlights of our adventures.

As pictures (even crappy ones) speak a thousand words, here we go…weeks 20 and 21 in photos.  We’re over halfway there!

Week 20 at the Black Sands Beach!

Chris pondering a jump off the Southern-most point in the USA:

And taking the leap:

And climbing back up!

Hiking into a canyon…

A wee belly at 21 weeks!

Mango’s (and my) first helicopter ride in Kauai (Merry Christmas to us from Jody!):

And there you have it, two weeks of bliss in paradise.  I’ll be back soon with more – following paradise we had a wicked week of home buying that culminated (thank goodness) in Mango’s first home.  That is a big whoa.

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