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30 weeks (plus one week) is a lot of weeks

Somehow thirty weeks seems like a big milestone to me.  I mean…after 3-0 comes 4-0 and that means Mango is not too far off.  Hopefully s/he chooses to stick around on the inside for a while longer though, as we’re not ready yet!

The whirlwind that is our world continues these days.  We bought a sweet new car this past weekend, so we are now a two car family once again.  I still need to learn to drive it (gulp), but that was part of the reason we bought it in the first place, so driving school starts tonight.  It’s time to put on the big girl pants.

We also had a 30 week midwife appointment on Tuesday.  It was the first time in a while that Chris has joined me, so it was exciting to have him hear Mango’s heart thumping away in there – it’s so much stronger than before.  The conversations have also shifted at the appointments…they’re less about what’s to come in the far off future, and much more about immediate things to look out for.  The sense that the end is in sight is defintely present.

Oh, other big news: we got furniture for the Mango nest!  The armoire, chair, and changing table were delivered Saturday morning from a neat little furniture refurbisher that we stumbled upon down the street from our home.  We ordered the crib last night, so that should arrive soon too.  We’re still on the fence about the wall color, so the furniture all lives in the middle of Mango’s room right now, but we’ll get there.  One thing at a time?  Right.  We’ve never lived by that motto.

In other news this week, I finally feel like I am pregnant.  By that I mean, I had killer back, or rather, bass pain this weekend.  What’s bass pain?  Well, it’s not in your back and it’s not in your…you get it.  It’s in the middle somewhere and it’s unpleasant.  Fortunately I finally got the message that these aches and pains mean I need to sit down and do less, so sit down and do less I did.  By Tuesday I was back in working order and feeling much more myself…just hungrier.  Yep.  Hungry.  All the time.  For the first time in my entire pregnancy really.  I think part of it is that I have less room to eat a lot right now, so my meals have been smaller and more frequent, but of course the other part is that Mango is busy in there growing up a storm.  I’ve done most of the growing that I need to do…these next weeks it’s up to Mango to pack on some pounds and plump up for arrival.  So yeah…I’m a bottomless pit.

Aside from hungry, we’re also feeling the emotions building of what is to come.  Chris and Mango get to hang out a lot more these days (lots of kicking – it even seems like Mango’s movements will follow our hands around my belly sometimes?), so that only adds to the anticipation of seeing them hang out without the womb barrier.  I already know it’s going to be the most darling thing I have ever seen.  Again, not YET (keep cooking, Mango!), but it feels soon…and that is exciting.

Other than that, we’re still just plugging away, getting our world ready for the next adventure – as requested, here’s what we look like while we’re doing so (one week late – these are 31 week pictures – note that I seem to have red hair(?) but I have also surpassed Chris is the belly department, yeah!):

Take that, 2013

Less than a month into the new year, and I’m already knocking things off the 2013 list.  Which goal was tackled, you might wonder?

This one:

I did it; I learned to drive a stick!  Granted it was required if we were ever to retrieve Chris’s car from the dealership again (he left it there to have some work done when he picked up the new car – we worked it into the deal), but still it’s cause for celebration.

Chris picked up the new car on Tuesday night.  He took me for a ride that night, and come Wednesday we were driving in circles in the parking lot down the road.  Half an hour of driving in circles left me feeling like perhaps I could handle it.  Friday night’s lesson (we took Thursday off due to frozen pipes in the kitchen – nothing terrible, they unfroze with no permanent damage thank goodness) offered less comfort as we hit the roads, I freaked out, and then I required about fifteen minutes of sitting on a side street to regroup.  Chris was not happy, and at one point in time uttered the words, “That’s fine, we’ll just have two cars that you can’t drive.”  Whimper, whimper, Kara throws a pity party for herself.

Self-induced pity parties don’t tend to last long though, as the quickest way to get me to insist that I WILL do something is to tell me that I can’t do something (and never will be able to).  So back at it I went, ego wounded, but more determined than ever.  And by the time we got home on Friday night, I had regained a bit of the confidence from Wednesday night’s lesson.

Despite the confidence, an overwhelming sense of impending doom hung over my head as I kept thinking, “Oh God, I have to drive us to Quincy tomorrow…on highways…and busy roads…oh geez, oh geez, oh geez.”  I fell asleep thinking about it; I woke up thinking about it.  I knew it had to happen – and I insisted that it would happen – but I couldn’t help but wish that it wouldn’t.

Anyways, into the car we went, and off to Quincy I drove.  I think I stalled once.  Minimal bucking of the car.  White knuckles.  Deep breaths.  Success?  Success!  Half-way done; we were at Mazda.  Now it was up to me and Mango (and Chris via the bluetooth – thank goodness!) to get ourselves home in one (two?) piece(s).  And we did it!  No stalling this time, even less bucking, and we were there: home!

I don’t think the photos do it justice, but the amount of pride in myself I felt was ridiculous.  So much pride I even had a bit of wine to celebrate my own glory (and to relax my still clenched fists).  I also fell asleep on the couch for a bit – all that worrying is exhausting.

Anyways, here you have it: me and the car, and me and the very best teacher in the world:

2013, we’re already taking you by the reins and knocking stuff off the goals list.  Hurrah!

A letter to 2013

A few years back I quit making New Year’s Resolutions and started writing letters to each incoming year.  They’re mostly streams of consciousness: things I want to achieve, mindsets I want to embrace, places I want to travel, and a means for me to look back and reflect from time to time about progress.  It’s not about accountability so much as it is a way to see growth and to derive pleasure from simple joys throughout the year.  So here we go…

2013, you will be a year in which I:

  • Finish growing Mango and become a mom.  Learn what that means.  Pay attention to the experience. Savor the precious times, and allow myself to truly feel the frustrations, the challenges, and the headaches that are sure to result.  Learn.  Love.  Have so, so very much fun.  Laugh.  Laugh so very, very much and so very, very often. 
  • Slow down.  Do less of the stuff that doesn’t matter, and instead spend my precious minutes embracing what does. 
  • Hug my family.  A lot.  All of them.  Even if they’re not huggers.
  • Build a coop and…
  • Raise chickens!  And cook Sunday morning breakfasts with fresh eggs gathered hours before.
  • Finally purchase a decent camera AND teach myself to use it.
  • Join a CSA. 
  • Travel to North Dakota or South Carolina, the only two remaining in my quest to visit all 50 States.  Mango will join me.  We’ll take nice photos using our new camera and camera skills.  Chris can come too if he behaves.  Maybe we’ll take the Vanagon to ND to celebrate our one year anniversary?  Road trip.
  • Learn to drive a stick.  FINALLY.  It will happen.
  • Camp with a baby.  Toss the kid in a backpack (with airholes) and hike a mountain.  Sit by a campfire to snuggle said baby for a bit before putting the peanut to bed and pausing for a minute to reflect with Christopher about where this magical world has taken us.   
  • Convince the parents to travel with us.  Somewhere, anywhere.  But get away for at least a weekend, at least three generations in tow (we get bonus points if Mimi’s in the loop and adds a fourth generation for us)
  • Bake bread.  Real bread with yeast and kneading and deliciously crusty crust. 
  • Live it up.  More often than not.  And never regret a second.

So there you have it, a letter to 2013.  If the only thing I accomplish in the coming year is the first bullet point (and the third! and maybe the last too), the year will be considered a success.  That said, I have a feeling we can knock a few more items off the list if we put our minds to it. 

On that note, here’s to making it happen, one step at a time.

27 weeks: pictures!

It has been a while since I shared some pictures of the Mango’s nest, so here you have us: 27 weeks, growing strong, kicking like a champ, and causing restless nights.  All in all, everything seems right on track and as should be expected! (Do excuse the red eyes – focus on the belly instead)
I don’t know what in the world he does in these pictures, but I swear Chris’s belly is not this big!  He’s slouched like a neanderthal man.  Pushing out or not, I’m finally catching up!
And some from Singing Beach over Christmas, because in my entirely biased opinion, this is one of the most beautiful places on earth…especially in the quiet of the off-season.
Elwood! (very much not ours, despite how much Chris would like him to be)
So there you have it, 27 weeks of Mango in my belly.  We’re up to midwife appointments every two weeks starting this week, and now that I’ve hit 28 weeks, we are officially in the final trimester.  It’s insane.  Lots left to do before wee little baby arrives, but we’ll get there in the only fashion we know how (which is to say we’ll laugh a lot, put silly things off until the last minute, and then decide to do everything in a matter of two days).