27 weeks: pictures!

It has been a while since I shared some pictures of the Mango’s nest, so here you have us: 27 weeks, growing strong, kicking like a champ, and causing restless nights.  All in all, everything seems right on track and as should be expected! (Do excuse the red eyes – focus on the belly instead)
I don’t know what in the world he does in these pictures, but I swear Chris’s belly is not this big!  He’s slouched like a neanderthal man.  Pushing out or not, I’m finally catching up!
And some from Singing Beach over Christmas, because in my entirely biased opinion, this is one of the most beautiful places on earth…especially in the quiet of the off-season.
Elwood! (very much not ours, despite how much Chris would like him to be)
So there you have it, 27 weeks of Mango in my belly.  We’re up to midwife appointments every two weeks starting this week, and now that I’ve hit 28 weeks, we are officially in the final trimester.  It’s insane.  Lots left to do before wee little baby arrives, but we’ll get there in the only fashion we know how (which is to say we’ll laugh a lot, put silly things off until the last minute, and then decide to do everything in a matter of two days).

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