Take that, 2013

Less than a month into the new year, and I’m already knocking things off the 2013 list.  Which goal was tackled, you might wonder?

This one:

I did it; I learned to drive a stick!  Granted it was required if we were ever to retrieve Chris’s car from the dealership again (he left it there to have some work done when he picked up the new car – we worked it into the deal), but still it’s cause for celebration.

Chris picked up the new car on Tuesday night.  He took me for a ride that night, and come Wednesday we were driving in circles in the parking lot down the road.  Half an hour of driving in circles left me feeling like perhaps I could handle it.  Friday night’s lesson (we took Thursday off due to frozen pipes in the kitchen – nothing terrible, they unfroze with no permanent damage thank goodness) offered less comfort as we hit the roads, I freaked out, and then I required about fifteen minutes of sitting on a side street to regroup.  Chris was not happy, and at one point in time uttered the words, “That’s fine, we’ll just have two cars that you can’t drive.”  Whimper, whimper, Kara throws a pity party for herself.

Self-induced pity parties don’t tend to last long though, as the quickest way to get me to insist that I WILL do something is to tell me that I can’t do something (and never will be able to).  So back at it I went, ego wounded, but more determined than ever.  And by the time we got home on Friday night, I had regained a bit of the confidence from Wednesday night’s lesson.

Despite the confidence, an overwhelming sense of impending doom hung over my head as I kept thinking, “Oh God, I have to drive us to Quincy tomorrow…on highways…and busy roads…oh geez, oh geez, oh geez.”  I fell asleep thinking about it; I woke up thinking about it.  I knew it had to happen – and I insisted that it would happen – but I couldn’t help but wish that it wouldn’t.

Anyways, into the car we went, and off to Quincy I drove.  I think I stalled once.  Minimal bucking of the car.  White knuckles.  Deep breaths.  Success?  Success!  Half-way done; we were at Mazda.  Now it was up to me and Mango (and Chris via the bluetooth – thank goodness!) to get ourselves home in one (two?) piece(s).  And we did it!  No stalling this time, even less bucking, and we were there: home!

I don’t think the photos do it justice, but the amount of pride in myself I felt was ridiculous.  So much pride I even had a bit of wine to celebrate my own glory (and to relax my still clenched fists).  I also fell asleep on the couch for a bit – all that worrying is exhausting.

Anyways, here you have it: me and the car, and me and the very best teacher in the world:

2013, we’re already taking you by the reins and knocking stuff off the goals list.  Hurrah!

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