40 weeks and counting

March 31st, our due date!  What a day that was.  Sunny, warm, a lovely seabreeze, not a Mango in sight.  Alas, the 31st came and went, and here we sit, a party of two.

We did manage to sneak in an absolutely beautiful weekend of beach walks, time with the family, a trip to Woodman’s for fried seafood, and a stroll through the woods near our house.  The weather was finally nice enough that we stretched each day to its fullest – we even spent a bit of time on the back porch, soaking up the sunshine.  And despite Mango’s reluctance to join us, we made the most of our days and did our best to enjoy our last remaining days as a family of two.

Fun as it was, we’re really looking forward to our first weekend as a group of three!

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