Monthly Archives: June 2013

Month 1

A whirlwind.  That is what we will call month one with wee little James. He took it like a champ, as did his father, but his mother…well, his mother had her highs and lows.  More highs than lows (and therefore we call the month a success!), but highs and lows nonetheless.

This isn’t about Mom though.  It’s about James.  And he is/was awesome. Month one involved a lot of the getting to know you game.  Getting to know your sleep schedule (what sleep schedule?), eating schedule (what eating schedule?), and living schedule (that one we got down – he lives, we respond).  And lots of photos.  And dress up.  And adventures in the outside world.  Here we go:

We went to the pub at 11 days old.  He slept the whole time and scored a free t-shirt (his father was jealous).

We had Colorado visitors less than a week later. While we were still getting into the swing of things, we thoroughly enjoyed their visit and even took a daytrip to Plymouth, MA – our first big all day adventure since James arrived.


We spent a lot of time going for walks, wandering about the neighborhood…

And we made it up to Manchester where we went down a slide, took a walk to Singing Beach, and made a stop at Captain Dusty’s for ice cream.


All in all month one flew by in a string of days fading into nights fading into days fading into nights.  The bags under our eyes grew significantly and then began to fade as the days went by (or we just got used to them). We discovered our roles as parents, our strengths, our weaknesses. James taught us to think not of ourselves but of him.  And then, later, to find room to think of ourselves again as thinking only of him leaves parents a bit lost.

Month one was not an easy month – we were all very busy discovering everything for the very first time through very new eyes – but it was a good month.  A month of new adventures, new lessons, and very little sleep.

Happy one month to the little man who changed our world forever and always.