Month 2

What a difference a month makes.  Month one Chris and I were busy simply trying to stay afloat, and month two were found the ability to enjoy – to truly enjoy.  To become parents, or rather to realize we are parents.

James began to sleep a bit better, which we quickly learned holds the key to just about everything in our new life.  Just an important, he began to smile on May 10th.  The smiles started slowly and were not so easy to provoke, but day by day they became more prevalent.  And now we can play, snuggle, tease our way to so very many heart-melting smiles.  It is, in one simple word, incredible.

Taking a step back: I am not a baby person.  I’m afraid of, intimidated by, nervous around babies.  All babies, but most especially little babies.  But now?  I’m slightly – no, unabashedly – in awe of all babies. I find them magically entertaining, entirely fascinating, and so darn cute. All of them. Even the ones that aren’t my own.

It’s amazing what one tiny person can do for your outlook on the world.

So month two: the month in which we saw smiles; the month in which James met Grandma Jody, the month in which we regained our feet; the month in which we fell further in love with this tiny little boy than we ever dreamed possible.

Our adventures….

Manchester and Mother’s Day with both Grandmas, lobster, and a visit to Rockport:

Baths and other assorted activities with Dad…

Trips into Boston…

Smiles we have yet to catch on camera…

And love.  So much love.

Happy month two, my favorite little man. You make my heart weak.

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