Month 3

Month 3…how quickly the months go.  A quarter of the way through your first year?  Incredible.

Slow down.  Please?

Month 3…so many new adventures: non-stop smiles, the first plane ride, visiting family in Colorado, mom going back to work, playing with toys, adventures in daycare…so very many changes.


When I think of month three, I think of happiness.  So much happiness.  We settled into our routine, and everything became a bit easier. I feel like James and I found our rhythm this month, which is most unfortunate given that I also had to go back to work.  Alas, the learning curve continues.

I have a lot of thoughts about working fulltime, finding time for being me and for being a mom, balancing what I want for James in this world with what I need for our family.  No one ever says it’s easy, and they’re right, but somehow it’s different when it’s me in the situation and it’s my own thoughts that need the sorting.  Daycare was not the hard part…James smiled from the minute I dropped him off, so that made it easier.  It’s also not a question of if he is being well taken care of.  Rather, it’s a question of how I feel about someone else seeing my child more of the week than I do.  That’s the struggle.  And while I know there is a balance out there, and I know it is good for me to have time away from him and time with adults, it is still something I struggle with.  There must be a solution – a happy medium – and I know that in time we will discover what that happy medium is…but for now it’s hard to be entirely patient with things.  We’ll see.

Aside from the daycare struggle, life is wonderful, beautiful, full of joy.  It may sound silly, but I just had no idea how much I would enjoy James. I knew I would like him, love him, whatever…but I didn’t realize I would LOVE him.  Love every bit about him…our walks, his smile, his frown, his cry, his rolly little thighs…every little bit.  I’m crazy about this thirteen pound wonder.  And I love it.

Some firsts from month three:

  • June 4: first plane ride
  • June 9: first baseball game (Rockies), and mom and dad’s first anniversary
  • June 10: first tear!
(Not really the first tear, but looks like it could have been)
  •  June 25: first day at daycare, first trip to Fenway park
  • June 28: the first (and only so far) laugh.  Oh, the first laugh. My heart melted at the most beautiful little sound I have ever heard. So sweet, so innocent, so magnificently beautiful to hear.

Month 3…so joyful, so full of laughter and love.  Time feels like it is moving too quickly – a quarter of a year already – but we love every bit of the adventure and cannot wait for what else is in store.

James, a hug and a kiss to the little man who, in such a short time, has shown us oh so very much.

My heart melts.

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