On camping with a 3 month old…

Do it.

Really, just do it.

The joy, the wonder, the utterly perplexed look on a teeny little boy’s face when he wakes up in a tent (what’s a tent?) after sleeping his first night in the great outdoors.

Sweet sleeping bag, little man.

The realization – even for a three month old who isn’t allowed to watch television – that a campfire far surpasses the TV for entertainment.

A hike up a hill, strapped onto dad, only to be set free at the top to bask in the breeze, have a snack, and soak it in.

All of this joy, followed by the biggest temper tantrum in three month’s time after being packed in the car to head home.  We like to think he was sad to leave the woods, but, thankfully, given who his parents are, this won’t be the boy’s last night in the woods.

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