Monthly Archives: August 2013

Month 4

A third of a year.  FOUR MONTHS.

Four months that passed so very slowly yet all the while in a single heartbeat.  Four months of discovery, smiles (well, two and a half months of smiles from one of us), growth, learning, adventure.

Four months of the kind of love that makes your heart feel so full, so proud, so alive.

James, you have given me so much in so little time: massive under eye bags, hours of laughter, some tears, and a new-found appreciation for the man by my side who, not surprisingly, is a really, REALLY, great dad.

A reminder to open my eyes to the simple pleasures of the day: morning smiles, blowing leaves, warming sunshine, afternoon snuggles.  The desire to share with you all of the wonders that I love about this world.

We had some firsts in the fourth month of life:

July 4: your first fourth of July

July 13-14: first camping trip!

July 26-30: OUR first weekend alone while Dad was in Washington

July 29: you rolled over!

A third of a year.  Time flies by so very quickly.  I remind myself multiple times per week to slow down, take a breath, truly experience the world around me.  And I do.  I’m getting better at it.  Better at neglecting chores, better at savoring the hours of the day we have to share as a family of three, rather than focusing on all of the hours apart.  I still do not like the hours apart, and I still struggle with how their quantity so drastically trumps the hours together, but patience is a virtue.  We’ll figure it out, some day, somehow.  If there is one thing of which I am certain, it is that we will figure it out.  And we’ll smile a lot as we do so.

My little man, happy 4 months; I simply cannot wait to share more of life’s adventures with you.