Month 5

Month 5: the month in which I finally feel like I have a bit of time for reflection, appreciation, soul cleansing adoration of my little man.  Time certainly has yet to slow down…if anything it speeds up with each passing day…but perhaps I am growing accustomed to my new normal – to OUR new normal – and finally, maybe just a little bit, I have some time to breathe and to soak it all in.

Month 5 was a fun month.  I feel like they have all been fun months (aside from maybe month 1 – that was a hard month) – but somehow they just keep getting more and more fun.

The smiles, oh the heart warming smiles: they come freely and frequently. They light up his entire face: eyes, cheeks, grin…all of it consumed by a giant smile.  Before his birth, Chris and I would ponder who he would look like and what traits he would inherit.  I always said that I hoped the baby would have Christopher’s Cheshire cat grin – a smile that by its very nature makes others want to smile – and I think my wish was granted, as here I have a tiny little man with a great big smile.

Following the smile came the laughter, and I know I have talked about it before, but I simply can’t get over it.  The boy has me wrapped around his tiny little fingers.

Some firsts from month 5:

Aug 3: First music festival – if you can call it that – in Manchester. We spent the evening relaxing at the Festival by the Sea: beer, food, and live music made for a lovely evening in the park.

Aug 10: Sarah and Rohit’s wedding! This marked his first formal outing as a tiny little Bengali boy. He wore his Punjabi and enjoyed a day of being passed around by the wedding guests.

Aug 18: Kara and Christening. Rather than a christening in a church, we (as per usual) opted to do it our own way.  Preacher Bob blessed the wee lad with some holy water; he took a dip in the water at Tuck’s Point; and we all enjoyed a lovely picnic brunch.  Our way may not be the usual way, but it sure is fun.

Aug 19: first dribbly nose, coughing, sneezing, full-blown cold.  Poor little creature. It was worse on us than it was on him – he would hack away and finish the cough with a big smile up at Mom. The boy is ridiculous.

Aug 28-Sept 1: I suppose this was really a second, because it was both his second trip to Colorado and his second wedding, but regardless it was a big event in the life of a five month old.  As always it was wonderful to see the family, to soak up the Colorado sunshine, and to enjoy some time away.  Mom and Dad dropped the ball on picture taking (Grandma Jody, you have any to send our way?), but it was a wonderful trip nonetheless.

There you have it, month five in a brief little synopsis.  I can’t believe we’re almost to the halfway to a year mark…the days truly do fly by.

Here you have him, our most wonderful five month old little boy, one month shy of a six-pack.

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