These days…

This one got lost in the haze that was the last couple months…better late than never I suppose.

We’re coming up on James’ four month birthday in less than two weeks, and I really can’t get over it.  Last night he and I went to visit a coworker who has a six week old…a six week old is tiny!  Like really tiny.  And James looked huge…and so strong and so not like a newborn. It made my heart proud to see how much my little man has grown in such a short amount of time, but it also made me sad to see how much he has grown in such a short amount of time.

People keep reminding me to soak up this first year as so many incredible changes happen so quickly, and I realize with each passing day that it is so very true. And he is so very cute…and weed-like in his ability to grow…but mostly just so very cute.

We watch the cars outside our house in the evenings now while we wait for Dad to get home from work. It’s like a tennis match, but with a delay from the arrival of the sound until James connects it with what it is.  It goes like this…

Mom: James, I hear one…
James: tra la la, tra la la (head snaps to the direction of the sound)
Mom: There it is, bud!
James: (head follows the sound in jerky, typewriter-like motion)
(We repeat this for about 15 minutes until the trees overhead become more interesting than the cars)

It’s a fun game that always leaves me wondering what has become of me that this is what I believe to be a fun game.  Alas, the car watching continues. 

I always believed myself to be a person who delights in simple pleasures, and now I really understand what children are: they are a way for parents to return to the simple pleasures of being a kid.  An excuse to watch the cars go by, to stare at leaves, to make silly sounds and blow bubbles. A justifiable reason to stay in bed for that extra five minutes of snuggle time, rather than popping right up to get ready for the day. A smiling face after a long day at work. A return to the truly valuable in the world.

And a really good target for torture in many, many bodies of water (sorry, kid).  So far we have the Atlantic Ocean and a Colorado mountain lake…with many more to come.

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