Month 6

We’ve reached a six pack.

It’s only fitting that it’s a six pack of milk stout, no?

Half a year.  Half of the first year.  Half of the first year in which everything changes so quickly, days blend together into months, a teeny tiny little man develops a smile, a laugh, a personality right before our very eyes.

An aquarium trip where the penguins were more interesting than mom.

Boat rides to Harbor Islands…


Sunday drives to the farm…

Boxes are fun.

And Canada is exhausting, eh?

Brewery tours will be more fun in twenty and a half years.

But Burlington, VT, is pretty great already.

New York City is sometimes best seen from a high up window with the boys.

Broccoli.  Yum.

That’s a lot of activity in six short months.

The joy you bring to our lives, Little Man…it’s incredible.
Happy half birthday to the boy who owns my whole heart.

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