Sunday Drivers: Fenway Park edition

For this edition of Sunday Drivers, we swapped the Mazda for the stroller and hit the pavement, sneakers, costumes, and Nugget in tow.

Hello Fenway, nice to meet you on this crisp Autumn morn.

Pedroia, is that you?  Why yes, it is.  That’s a nice beard you’ve cultivated.

And you, Citgo sign, you’re looking awfully sparkly.

Green Monster, what attention to detail you paid.

So there you have it, a group of bozos dressed as Fenway Park took on the Bill’s Pizzeria 5k Sunday morning.  We certainly set no time records, but we had a blast and the costumes held up for the duration of the run (Citgo drooped quite a bit – literally and figuratively – by the end of the post-race pizza party).

And thankfully Pedroia ingested minimal beard fuzz.

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