Sunday Drivers: NYC edition

About a week and a half behind in my recap, but better late than never.

So we maintained our Sunday Drivers tradition two weekends ago with an adventure to New York City…Chris and the kid picked me up from work on Friday afternoon, and away we went.  Just over two hours in, we stopped for dinner at…Taco Bell.  Really.  Gross.  But stop we did, as what better time than the present to satisfy the desire to try a Doritos Locos taco.  It was gross.  So, so gross.  But it has been on the must-try list for a while, so must-try we did.  Suffice to say, it did not make the must-try-again list.  Blech.


We made it to NYC in pretty good time, parked the car (street parking?! Impressive.), met up with our friends, and headed to dinner.  At this point it was pretty late, and poor little man was a trooper.  Or at least a trooper until he threw up all over Chris and the booth.  And we’re not talking spit up here.  It was full-blown, he entire meal (only milk at least!), all over Christopher, my scarf, and the booth.  Poor little man.  Must have been the tacos.

Saturday morning we were up fairly bright and early, so we headed out for a walk around the city.  We wandered and wandered, from Manhattan to Brooklyn, through the streets of Brooklyn, on a ferry to midtown Manhattan, back down block by block to Lower Manhattan.  I’m not sure how many miles we covered, but our feet let us know that it was many.

Pudge Knuckles was a trooper throughout.

So was the Milk Truck.

After our long explore, we decided to further explore and headed to Rockaway Beach for the night.  We arrived after dark, and come morning were thrilled to be greeted by the sunshine and the sound of waves crashing.  Chris and I took a morning stroll along the beach, grabbed coffee, and enjoyed breakfast on the patio before our friends awoke to join us.  Before hitting the road home, we took another walk along the beach, watched some surfers, and soaked in a most beautiful late summer/early fall day.

All in all, a great weekend of exploration and adventure, tiny little man in tow.

Pudge Knuckles for life.

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