Month 7

Seven months of James.

One month of teeth!  And real food.

Two months of sitting.

Three months of laughter.

Four months of Buddy Bear at daycare, mom back at work.  Five months of smiles.  Six months of snuggles.

Seven months of you, tiny little man, and one lifetime of love.

Month seven was full of more adventures…visitors from England, journeys to Connecticut, a first Halloween, a 5k in costume, and smiles, so many smiles (now with four teeth!).

Some firsts since hitting six months:

* Real food!  Apples and squash are the favorites, peas and potatoes the least favorites.  Mangos are delicious, as are pickles, olives, and banana.  Prunes, a delight in so many ways.

No shellfish…yet!

* Teeth.  FOUR teeth.  Two on the top, two on the bottom, poor little Nugget.  Big toothy grin.

* Rolling both ways…when he feels like it, which isn’t too often.  Still hates being on his belly.

* Wheels.  Mom and Nugget have wheels now.  We go for runs; he squeals WEEEEEEE, mom huffs and puffs.

* Such joy.  James has always been happy, but now he is what can only be described as joyful.  The smiles are frequent, and there is not an ounce of shyness.  He’s happy snuggling whoever, whenever.  The laughter abounds too, most notably when tickling his sides (Wee man is really ticklish).

There you have it; we have completed another month and hit the seven month mark.  The days fly by.  I find myself a bit nervous about just how quickly the time moves, but alas, we soak it up, pack in the fun, and just keep riding this wave of joy that carries the little man.

Our heart are full.  So very, very full.


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