Gratitude for two James

Two James, one I know, one I didn’t.  One six years gone, nearly seven. One nine months in this world, nearly ten. Both sources of gratitude on January 23rd, the birthday of the first James.

Open your eyes, Kara. Name three things:

1. A tiny little boy James, a big toothy grin, belly laughs, and smiles. Mom’s heart melting.

2. An old man James, never known to me, but without whom I would never have met my husband. If I had the opportunity to meet you, I never would have because your son would have moved to Boston at the same time I moved to Denver. It’s hard to feel grateful to never have met you, but it’s damn easy to feel grateful for the man you led me to.

3.   Clam chowder, salmon, vodka and Fresca, Skittles, dinner of champions. Warm belly, cozy family, feeling blessed.

Two James. One me. So much gratitude.

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