The mission: be kind.

Hello, and here we go, we’re on a mission, wahoo, wow, yippee. A mission to be kind. To ourselves, to others, to the world, to it all. It’s a big mission, but it’s our mission because if not us, then who?  Exactly. Us. Kind us.

The goal? Stop complaining people aren’t nice, where is the kindness, why is the world so cruel?

Start doing.

Looking for kindness – we’ll see it if we look.

Being kind – it’s easier than we think.

Reminding ourselves, once a day, everyday, that the world really is a kind place if we just let it be. LET IT BE. There’s the trick. Just let it be. And once we do, we will see…a sea of kindness.

So here we go: the mission begins.

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