Month 8

Month 8.  EIGHT.  Two thirds of a year.  I know that each month I can’t seem to fathom that another month has gone by and my tiny little newborn now has five teeth, a gigantic smile, contagious giggles, and a heart that is just so very, very big for such a wee little thing.  Even the fussy days make my heart melt, and the happy days?  Oh goodness, the happy days…there is nothing in the world like them.  The boy is so full of joy.

Month eight included a lot of adventure, plenty of rolling around, and mountains of joy.

A first Thanksgiving with so much to be thankful for.

A fifth tooth.

Laughter.  Belly laughs each night at the kitchen door when dad finally appears on the other side.  We wait in hope, pawing at the window panes (little man, that is), until finally dad’s smile stares back at us from the other side of the glass.  James and Dad can’t get enough of each other, and no matter how fussy the little dude might be prior to dad’s arrival home, he bursts into a grin as soon as the big man appears.

There is still great delight to be found when real food appears, and the list of likes just keeps growing.  There was a sad pickle incident at Thanksgiving (proof that one can have too much of a good thing – BLAH), but other than that, he/s a hearty eater.  Spinach, squash, prunes, apples, mango, pears, peas, broccoli, yogurt, cheese…he eats it all.

As usual, in month eight we found ourselves overwhelmed with what James has to share.  The laughter, the smiles, the simple joys: they are all overwhelmingly innocent, magnificent, and pure.  Again and again, we find ourselves in awe of everything the little man has brought into our lives, and eternally blessed to share our adventure with him.  We’re also tired – really tired – but through bleary, sleep-deprived eyes, we see the world with new joy and so much love.

Your first journey around the sun is two thirds of the way complete, and if the past eight months are any glimpse into the amount of joy we will share in the coming years, we are a lucky little family.  Here’s to you, little man; happy eight months.


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