Cubicle Chronicles, Volume 1

So I work in a cubicle (sigh).  From 7:30-4:00 each day. And I work in one of those places that values your butt in a seat more so than it does the declaration that we’re so hip, we work in a coffee shop from time to time and are as productive as when our butts in seats in oddly shaped boxes that promote an “open floor plan” that the people designing declare to be so great but invariably when given the choice those same people decide to plant themselves in offices away from the nightmare that is the open floor plan.  Anyways, I’m surrounded by one sort of high wall, one sort of not high wall, and one really not high half way.

The flourescent lights do nothing good for our already sour demeanours.

I have windows though! They make up my fourth wall, and they also serve as a not-so-gentle reminder each day that I spend far too much time on the wrong side of the windows.


One window…


Two windows. Weeeeee!

So what to do?

I don’t know. But something. SOMETHING. I’m working on it…

In the meantime, I make my world a happier place by consuming heart-shaped globs of corn syrup, writing in a red pen (how bold), and drinking too much…coffee.


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