Cubicle Chronicles, Volume 2

It’s the Friday edition of cubicle chronicles which means that the flourescent light around here is a little less harsh and a little more optimistic than usual.

Cubicle Volume 1

Even the giraffe feels optimistic (usually by this point in the week his neck is tired from staring at the screen all day and he has a bit of a droop in his stature).

Optimistic for what?

Well, for this stuff:

  • Friday Night Live! That means a glass of wine after work, some time with the man and the kid, and then a delicious grilled dinner after the boy is in bed. With candlelight. At the counter. Music. Me, my man, and the weekend ahead.
  • The weekend, oh dear me, THE WEEKEND. We have no plans aside from retrieving a desk, but otherwise…it’s going to be warm (well, in the 50’s), sunny (one day), and we’re free little birdies.  Free to play.
  • Free to play means maybe some yoga, surely a walk, and most decidedly time to relax with the boys.

So the view from the cubicle on a Friday?  It’s not so bad. It’s not so good, but it’s also not so bad.

Oh and I snuck out at lunchtime and ran to Target to return some stuff (and by return I mean exchange because I by no means left empty handed). It’s amazing when I free myself from the cubicle during the day…there’s a whole world out there that’s not stuck in these walls staring at a screen…sometimes I forget (which is a whole other story – file it under life goals 2014 – I’m working on it!).

Happy weekend, cubicle dwellers and the like.

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