Month 10

Double digits.  TEN months. My word. Little dude is creeping on not being so little anymore (or as not so little as a less than one year old can be). This month included a lot of changes: Eating like a champ: apples, strawberries, green smoothies, banana, toast, avocado, chicken, ground beef, yogurt, eggplant (not a hit), chili, mashed potatoes, squash, amongst other delicious treats.  Oh, Oaxacan cheese in Mexico! We’re still doing great nursing with no plans to quit before a year, so that is that in the milk department. Hurrah, milk truck!

Naps: usually 2 with a quick one on the way home from daycare (2.25?) Passport stamps: 2, we went to Mexico this month!

Teeth: still 5, but more on the horizon if all this drool tells us anything

Weight: 18 lbs 9 ounces at the 9 month appointment, so probably up to 19 by now

Height: 2 feet 3 and a half (inches are for babies)

Head: huge. 90th percentile here. Boy has big brains.

New tricks: high fives, waves, clapping! Chomp and Clack is the new favorite toy, and he can walk all by himself using the gators as a motor (or perhaps for stability). He also now consistently pulls himself to stand (he started in month 9, but now it’s all over the place, all the time).  The crib has been lowered!

Movement: trying to crawl. Trying SO hard to crawl. He has the army crawl down, and he can scoot on his bum…and he can strategically roll himself around the room to get where he wants to go…and he crawls a few steps before flopping over.  So soon we should have the real deal…in theory.

Adventure of the month: Mexico!  We joined the Colorado family in Cancun for MLK Day weekend and spent a delightful five days in the warm sunshine, drinking margaritas, eating tacos, and relaxing. It was much needed, passed too quickly, and left us craving more. All in all, it was perfect!  Little dude got to practice his Spanish (so did his mom), so he (she) was happy about that as well.

Cheers to you, little dude – ten months old and so very, very much joy to share with the world.

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