Month 9

I’m way behind on my months here, so let’s catch up.
Month nine: so many new adventures!
Snow. Little dude didn’t know what to make of it, but the wonder in his eyes as he looked out the window was enough to tell us he was intrigued. Less intriguing was his parents’ decision to dress him up in his snow suit and plop him in the back yard. He prefered to be carried through the weather, but we’re confident that some day he will appreciate it.  Or at least be strong enough to shovel it.
This is pre-Christmas, so yes, his snowsuit is fleece and about two sizes too small.
And his boots are about two years too big.
But oh gosh, the cuteness?  I can’t…
Christmas in Connecticut with Gramma’s side of the family.  The pictures make my heart weak.  The boy has style (because Gramma gives him cute clothes and IRONS them before he wears them).
We took an adventure into Boston too during month nine. Little dude’s first ride on a carousel. I’m fairly confident that he was just humoring his mother in agreeing to go along for the ride. I loved it in a schmoopy poopy, isn’t this magnificent kind of way.

Christmas. Nugget’s first Christmas.  Mini Santa (which to his mother was sickenly cute until he barfed all over himself…which was just sickenly…and not so cute…but good thing Gramma is a master with the washing machine).  So it goes with a nine month old on Christmas.

Christmas morning. My boys. All I could want.

Walk to the beach on Christmas day. So, so COLD but so, so very nice.

Happiness. Home. Joy.

Nine months of the steepest learning curve in the world. The happiness, the tears, the growth, the frustration, the smiles, the laughter. All summed up? Three quarters of a year that cannot adequately be put into words. So much love.

So very much love for a boy who shares joy so freely, so innocently. You have changed our lives in the most incredible of ways, little man.

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