Three things: Sochi, mochi, kerplochi.

So the Opening Ceremony was on Friday night, and I love love love the Olympics. Everything about them….except that every time Olympic time rolls around, I get super excited for the Opening Ceremony, only to remember that…it’s pretty lame. Except for Beijing…Beijing was not lame. But in general?  Blah. That said, I still love love love the Olympics. And celebrating that it’s Olympic time. That means you, Sochi. In all of your construction not yet complete, balmy winter weather, Cyrillic script kind of ways.

Three ways (gold, silver, and bronze – duh) I love and celebrate thee:

Gold: With Moscow Mules! Yes. Mmm. I need a tin cup.

Silver: With a trip to the Russian market. Hello steamed dumplings, weird cheesy crepe things, and pickled everything.

Bronze: With warm, fuzzy feelings for everything Olympic-y. Go USA. Go curlers. And good grief, goooooooo Jamaican bobsled team!

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