Three winter things

It’s that time of year: the dregs of winter when the world feels cold, the snow hardens our spirit, and we all count the minutes until the first warm Spring day.

And then we get a few more inches of snow, followed by the return of the sun, and we find ourselves here…blessed by the beauty of a serene, frosty cold beach, and things don’t seem so bad.

So we count our three things.

1. We have our wee family along for the walk to enjoy this scene with us, and the wee-est of the family is snuggled against Dad, snoozing peacefully.


2. It’s a beach. Covered in snow. Need I say more?


3. Duh, three is that we live in New England where there are four seasons which means that, beautiful or not, winter must come to an end and some day – SOME DAY – in the not too far off future we will sit on this very same beach, toes in the sand, sun on our faces, counting our blessings to be so fortunate.


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