Month 11

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, we’re almost to 1. How did this happen?!  My sweet, tiny little baby is…still a sweet, tiny (relatively speaking) little baby…but still, he’s almost 1!  And by almost 1, I mean 11 months old.
Eating everything in sight: any fruits, vegetables, LOVES yogurt and smoothies, tried spicy food and was questionably into it (buffalo chicken pizza, soup with HABANERO hot sauce in it – thanks, Dad), avocado causes great leg kicking (a sign of delight), Ritz crackers, Goldfish (a childhood right of passage), banana bread by the loaf.  Really he’ll eat anything, and the more someone else eats it, the more he wants it.

Naps: still twice a day, though not as scheduled as before…sometimes short, sometimes long.

Passport stamps: still two, though he did gain another honor this month with his first (post-being born) hospital stay. We were both horridly sick (and in the emergency room together) with that nasty cruiseship like stomach thing. It was a really bad week that left all of us shaken, exhausted, and in need of a hug.  But we made it!

Weight: dipped down to 17.5 pounds before the hospital (dehydration), but now back up close to twenty we think.  Eat, boy, eat!

Height and head size: I’m not sure! Will update at next checkup (1 year!)

New tricks: walking everywhere with Chomp and Clack, standing unassisted, crawling everywhere, this kid is on the MOVE.

Teeth: still five! We’re beginning to wonder if he will ever get more.

Obsessed with: DAD. This little dude LOVES his dad. And his mom loves watching his eyes light up when he sees his dad.

Best invention of the month: the ball pit!  Which is really just a Pack and Play and some plastic balls, but still…they LOVED IT!

Snowy walk to Singing Beach…winter at the beach is a beautiful sight.

Eating, his favorite pasttime:

Oh my goodness, Chomp and Clack!

Oh, and muffins, we made muffins. And then we shared the muffins and I rejoiced at the delight my little dude derived from one of my favorite simple pleasures (fresh out of the oven baked goods, I mean).
And that’s that. 11 months gone, and now we’re surging towards the one year mark. It feels like a big deal. More for me and Chris than for the little man for some reason, but whatever it is, it feels big.
So anyways. Happy 11 months to my favorite sidekick, the little boy who never ceases to amaze me with his kind soul, abundant smile, and sweet, sweet self. I continue to find myself in awe of the joy this child has brought to our lives.
One more month until a twelve pack!


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