Soul rejuvenation

I find my world a bit overwhelming these days. I equate it to life moving too quickly, me trying to do too much, never having enough time, blah blah blah, but what it boils down to is that by the time Friday afternoon rolls around, I need a little soul rejuvenation.  I find it in the simplest of places.

The little man woke up early – earlier than usual – on Saturday morning, and while my first instinct was to groan and hope that my husband would get up with him, what really happened was that I crawled out of bed, pulled on some sweats, poured a giant cup of coffee, and enjoyed the most peaceful morning with my son. My tiny little man who is growing less and less tiny as the days pass. My baby boy with the piercing hazel eyes (his dad’s hazel eyes), the asymmetrical toothy grin, and the most generous smile in the world.

We shared one of my favorite simple pleasures in baking a batch of blueberry raspberry muffins.  And then we ate one, okay two, steam still rising, hot out of the oven. He kicked his pudgy little leg in delight, the sign that he’s pretty happy with whatever it is he’s consuming. He let out little baby “Mmm…mmmmm’s,” and I felt my whole being relax.

I have tired eyes these days. Tired eyes combined with a tired body, a tired soul. The weeks wear me out. I’m pulled in a lot of different directions, some of them unbelievably positive, others not so much. And some days it feels like the not-so-positives demand far too much of my time. But when I take a few minutes, early in the morning, with the tiny little man who is so much a part of me, I can’t help but let go of all of those directions, and just breathe. Enjoy. Soak up the time with my little boy. Savor it. Hold it tight for fear of how quickly the days go by, and how soon – I can already feel it – my tiny little boy will not be so tiny.

Tiny or not, I will hold these Saturdays dear to my heart. The early mornings, the hot coffee, the steaming muffins, the wee little man clinging to my hip: these are the ingredients – the perfect recipe – for soul rejuvenation.

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