The clutter.

There is so much of it. Clutter. Everywhere.The house, the car, the desk, the mind. Cluttered. This wild child is to blame for some of it, but most of it? It’s me. He just looks cute though, so we look at him instead of clutter.IMG_1900

The goal? Get rid of it. Bit by bit. I’m not out to win any awards, and I have no illusions that I can rid myself of all the clutter. In fact, I’m not sure that I want to (a life devoid of all clutter actually sounds a little…boring?). But some of it? Please. Good lord, please.IMG_1854

I started two days ago. The desk, covered in papers, folders, pictures, crap. After the boy went to sleep for the night, I plugged away, filing, sorting, tossing, recycling. And the result? A clear desktop, orderly files, piece of mind (a bit, at least).

And last night? The old computer, full of pictures, full of memories, full of work from years gone by. Sorted, stored, saved.

So that’s that. Piece by piece, pile by pile, I’ll make my way through it. Again, no illusions that I will clear it all away and find myself in some zen-like state of cleared space and cleared mind – zen isn’t really me anyway. But I do hope to get rid of some junk, tidy up the space (all of the spaces), clear the clutter.IMG_1849

And then, inevitably, to make more clutter. Because in my world, the clutter is a result of time spent on the other…the other activities, the other fun, the other more important things. So we’ll take it…some of it…as the byproduct of good times.  But before we do that, we’ll sort through the old good times’ clutter…because old good times’ clutter is really, frankly, rather annoying.

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