Month 13

A year and a month, a year and a month.  It seems so crazy!  A year and…

So much fun this month. For one, we celebrated the return of our healthy little boy, and along with that health came the smiles, the laughter, and the sweetest little person in the whole world.  We all feel a million times better, and our fingers are crossed that we stay this way.

First birthday scenes:
The biggest event of the month was communication. We saw our first signs!  Mini man now proudly tells us when he’s looking for the milk truck, and Mom, as a dutiful milk truck, obliges. It’s fairly incredible to me to think that this is just the beginning, and that once the communication starts, it opens up a whole new world. So much chatter. Oh, and after milk followed all done, and we think maybe eat?  Still looking for more, though the mouth wide open lunge might be sign enough.
Our usual run-through:
Eating: now that he is healthy, EVERYTHING. Most notably, everything that we eat. He prefers our food (buffalo chicken, tortellini salad, cheeseburgers, turkey sandwiches) to his own baby-type food. We don’t complain – it makes our lives much easier, as our food is his food is our food is his food. We all like to eat.
Naps: still two, but beginning to wonder when two might shrink to one. We’re getting there I think.
Passport stamps: One more quick trip to the hospital (just tests, everything is fine, it was a nightmare) and a canceled trip to Washington, D.C., but other than that, not much travel excitement this month.
Weight: Still hovering around 18 pounds and a bunch of ounces. We’re working on it with his appetite being back though – little dude is skinny!
Height/head size: Slowing down on the growing…again, we’re working on it now that he’s a hungry kid again. Head is still giant, 90th percentile. Height is about 15th. Poor thing.
New tricks: Walking everywhere! Not confidently and not tons of steps, but definitely stringing steps together and walking on his own without prodding from us. It’s simultaneously great and sad (sad because he’s not a tiny little baby anymore!).
Let go of my hands, Dad – I got this!
Teeth: Lots more coming through. One more on the bottom (his 6th), and two molars on the top (7th and 8th).  Maybe another one, but I can’t tell for sure just yet.
Obsessed with: The musical instruments from Gramma for Easter. Still Chomp and Clack. Dad’s garden (and sticking his hand in the freezing water from the hose), the zapper/blipper/remote control whatever you call it, the telephone, Wheel of Fortune (be still my heart)
So there you have it, 13 months of wee dude. So so so much love to my tiny little side kick.

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