ONE. (Month 12)

One. He’s one. I thought it would feel like more of a relief, like we’ve made it out of the woods, but the poor little dude spent a lot of month twelve feeling sick, so in reality the first birthday was more of a blur of exhaustion, worry, and more exhaustion.  It was okay…he pulled himself together to celebrate with family, eat some cake, and play in the back yard, but the little guy was still not himself.

The details of month 12:

Eating: not a whole lot. Given that he has been sick so much, he’s down to mostly milk from mom more often than not. We’re doing our best to stuff him full of food when he’s healthy, but our efforts feel futile at times given that the poor little thing just cannot kick the winter sicknesses.

Naps: Two, as usual, and sometimes more when he’s feeling sick!

Passport stamps: Still two…with plans for Spain and England in the fall.  Other trips on the horizon include Denver (not sure when!) and Seattle this summer.

Weight: up over 18 pounds, but stuck there since nine months. Again, the sicknesses – he needs a break to get back on track with the weight gain.

Height and head size: Two feet five inches? Slowed down, again thanks to being sick. And again, he needs a break to get back on track with the growing!

New tricks: WALKING!!! He took a step or two the day before his birthday, and then low and behold on his birthday he toddled all over the room. He’s not confident in his ability by any means, but we’ll get there. Boy is growing up.

Teeth: Still five, but two molars are peeking through and a fourth tooth on the bottom.

Obsessed with: Snack cups. The stairs at Gramma’s house (he climbs them). Pots and pans. Goldfish cookies.

So that’s that. A year of sweet little baby James. A year that taught me and Chris so very, very much. We’re tired after a winter of sick baby, but when those smiles return…oh goodness, it’s all so very worth it.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby James. Thank you for the lessons you teach, the laughter you share, the joy you bring. We can’t imagine our world without you.


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