Adventures in…the simple.

These days our adventures take on a very different form than adventures of yesteryear.  We adventure in nothingness, which is not to say that we’ve ceased adventuring (never!), but it is to say that we adventure in the simplest of ways.

c and dad

The backyard.


The garden.

water table

The basement, oh goodness, the basement brings such delight. It’s a dungeon. With a washer, a dryer, and lots of homebrew.

The bathtub.


The evening stroll down the block to meet Dad at his car.

A cup of goldfish.


A new trick.


It’s all very simple by nature, yet somehow, through those tiny hazel eyes, the most simple becomes the most grand, the most mundane brings the most delight.

Life takes on new forms as we meander through it, and I have to say that the form in which we sit right now? I like it. A lot. I still yearn for big adventures beyond the everyday trips to the grocery store, sprints across the backyard, wanders around the block.  But those everyday adventures?  While smaller in scale, less likely to induce squeals of delight from mom (though not from James), and seemingly mundane…they are adventures nonetheless. Adventures that shape our days, provoke joy, define dreams.

Adventures in seeing the world through one year old hazel eyes: perhaps these adventures might just be the grandest adventures of all.


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