Month 14

I keep intending to come here more often, and the days keep passing and I keep not.  So it goes.  Here I am!  And here he is, the 14 month old with the most joyous smile, infectious laugh, and sweetest hairdo.  Really, the hair. Little dude rocks it.   IMG_2647Eating: Everything. I can’t even remember the new stuff he tried this month, because it was…everything. Whatever we’re eating, whatever he wants, whatever is not tied down. It’s great – he had some making up to do after being sick for so much of the winter, and we think he’s back on track. The big new food was peanut butter – only twice so far, but he didn’t explode or implode or really do anything notable at all, so I think we’re in the clear. For now.  (Exhale, Mama, exhale)


Naps: Still two, but not as consistent as they used to be. One short one, one longer (usually) one.  I think we’re on the brink of shrinking to one nap.

Passport stamps: No new ones, but plenty of adventure this month including his first night away from Mom and Dad. He had a sleepover party at Gramma and Grampa’s house while M&D ran away to play for a night. Everyone survived, though it seemed that Dad returned the worst for the wear.  I think we all know why.  Ahem.  Beer.


Weight: over 21 pounds at the last ear infection check-up. Back on track is right (he’s still a little guy, but not as teeny little as a couple months ago).

Height: Not sure…but growing for sure as his pants are short.  Poor lad.

Teeth: Four on the bottom, four on the top, plus two top molars. Boy has done a lot of teething recently.  Toothy grin.

New tricks: Lots of chatter! No really words (aside from the “Daaaaaah” of “Ta-daaaaaah.” Maybe “this” (dis!)?  Tons of “da da da da DAAAAA” but that has gone on for a while. He found his “m” and now babbles “mamamamamama” from time to time which of course I adore. He also has his “s” down and enjoys “sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.”  OH, and he gives kisses in English and Spanish.  Sweet boy.


Signs: Milk, eat, all done, more (sort of – though sometimes it’s just a point at the food he wants more of), lots of shaking his head “no.”

Obsessed with: Pots, pans, spoons, whisks. He slept with a giant wooden spoon the other night. It was cute until he batted his parents with it as he resisted falling asleep.  He carries one with him almost at all times and wants to stir any bowl in sight.  Again, cute until the bowl has something in it.


So there we have it, 14 months of adventure with the sweetest boy in the world. So much fun, this not-so-tiny-anymore little dude.

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