Two years: the cotton celebration

Two years doesn’t seem like much until you put two and two together (one and one?) and get three of us, two grown-up jobs, one house to call a home, two new cars (RIP Milk Mobile), a whole world of change.


Two years ago we gathered with our most important people, we bared our souls, and we promised to create a lifetime of adventure together. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated with joy, so very much joy.


We felt young, carefree, excited for what was to come.


Little did we know.

Little did we know the life ahead: the precious little boy who would join us not 11 months later (yes, we move quickly, we’re no spring chickens, by god!). The sleepless nights, the worry for a tiny little soul, the desire to give this boy the world. The absolute innocence. The joy. The smile to melt all hearts. The giggle. The happiness.


Little did we know. We thought we had it all, as we held each other close, scurried all over the world, got lost in adventure. We thought we had it all.

And we did. Sort of. But now? Now we have…more. So much more.

Sure, so much less freedom, so much less time to think selfishly, to run free, be careless.

But so much more joy, so much greater love, so many shared lessons.

It’s true what they say about love growing if you treat it well. Maturing. Transitioning into a different, deeper emotion of understanding, respect, admiration (and goofy grins, always goofy grins).


So we celebrate a quick two years with a cotton celebration, which seems a bit silly and a bit fitting given that two years…well…we have a lifetime of two years ahead of ourselves if we play our cards right. But cotton is how they say to celebrate, so cotton is how we will…

Here’s to many, many more, my most favorite man. You’re the best one around.


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