If the kid had hooves…

j and dad

He would have had hoof and mouth.  Instead, on Friday afternoon we got hand, foot, and mouth (and rear end, if you want the specifics). So our adventures this weekend kept us close to home, involved a greater than normal amount of time spent snuggling, and left us feeling…content.

We cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry, weeded the garden, went grocery shopping, accomplished nothing really of note (aside from a pint…we had a delightful pint out and about at Jack’s Abby, so clearly all was not lost!).  And it felt nice. Like an unexpected rest during a weekend in which we had plans, plans, PLANS.

But you know what they say, even the best laid plans

So our grandest adventure included a jog followed by a long walk followed by fresh squeezed lemonade, breakfast sandwiches and coffee on the patio.  A suburban oasis, that patio is.

It’s good for us, brings us back to a quieter time of simple pleasures, slower movement, and greater peace.

But does it also make me long for those weekends full of flurry that leave me bleary eyed at my desk on Monday morning? Of course it does. Which is why, next weekend, I’m looking at you. And I’ve got plans. Plans. PLANS.

They include sand. A cold beer. And, of course, my favorite two.

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