Month 15

15 months of wee little man!  He’s the best, the best, the best.  So much joy, so many smiles, such a sweet, sweet boy.

Month 15 was full of all sorts of fun, including the first words of dis (this), dat (that), and… shoos (shoes).  Still no intentional Momma or Dada, but we at least have words. And signs, but signs we’ve had for a while now.  No new ones this month…plenty of pointing at dis and dat, and plenty of responses to our questions (James, will you bring me your shoos?  Will you put your shoos away? What would you like? Can I have a kiss? And he does it! The sweetest little sloppy, open mouthed kisses…which would actually be fairly gross if he wasn’t so darling).


My gosh, he’s turning into a little boy.

Some favorites include his water table, watering the garden (and spraying himself), the BEACH, playing in the sand, kiddie pools, the toy grill, pots and pans, the whisk, spatulas, and pushing any buttons (microwave, coffee pot, dishwasher) we’ll let him get his hands on.  Oh, and slides at the playground – he loves them. And smoothies out of his own smoothie cup.


Still holding strong at 10 teeth.


Height and weight I’m not sure – 15 month appointment is next week – but he has been healthy for a few months now, so hopefully we’ve picked up some lost ground. Update: 21 pounds, 6 ounces (30th percentile, creeping back up!)


Laughter: all. the. time.


Adventures: Gramma, Mom, and James hit the road (read: the skies) for a work trip to DC.  Gramma and James wandered the monuments and museums by day, and hung out with Mom by night.  Gramma had her first adventure in Ethiopian food, while James earned a nice little sunburn on his legs during one of the 90+ degree days out and about.  Such a treat to have some solid time together, just the three of us.  Later in the month, Grandma Jody came to visit from Colorado too! A special visit for all of us, but most especially for James because it meant Grandma daycare and plenty of time to learn who this special lady is. We all felt fortunate to have her here!

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New tricks: he’s a climbing fool – chairs, ladders, stairs, anything that has the potential to be climbed he tries to climb. It’s fun to see him getting more bold and to see his curiosity about the world grow.  After a brief stint of hating sand he’s also now quite the beach baby which of course his momma adores.


Such a joy, this little boy. He has no idea the delight his kind, gentle spirit brings to our lives each and every day.

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